FAO    Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FBI    Federal Bureau of Investigation (United States)
FMD    Foot and mouth disease
FTA    Flinders Technology Associates
GAO    Government Accountability Office (United States)
GOARN    Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network
GLI    Global Laboratory Initiative
GMO    Genetically modified organism
GMP    Good manufacturing practice
HEPA    High-efficiency particulate air
HFRS    Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome
HIV    Human immunodeficiency virus
HPAI    Highly pathogenic avian influenza
HSADL    High Security Animal Disease Laboratory
HUS    Haemolytic uraemic syndrome
HVAC    Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
IAP    InterAcademy Panel on International Issues
IAP BWG    InterAcademy Panel on International Issues Biosecurity Working Group
IATA    International Air Transport Association
IBC    Institutional Biosafety Committee
IFBA    International Federation of Biosafety Associations
IHR    International Health Regulations
INTERPOL    International Criminal Police Organization
ICAO    International Civil Aviation Organization
ICLS    International Council of Life Sciences
IEC    International Electrotechnical Commission
IFA    Immunofluorescence assays
IgM    Immunoglobulin M
IPM    Institut Pasteur du Maroc
IPPC    International Plant Protection Convention
ISO    International Organization for Standardization
IVI    International Vaccine Institute
JICA    Japan International Cooperation Agency
KCDC    Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention
LAI    Laboratory-acquired infection or laboratory-associated infection
LANL    Los Alamos National Lab
LBM    Laboratory Biosafety Manual
LPAI    Low pathogenic avian influenza
LRN    Laboratory Response Network
MAC    Medical Advisory Committee (Australia, AAHL)
MARA    Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Turkey)
MDR-TB    Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
MORU    Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit

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