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was a lifelong career of research on the physical acoustics of ultrasound in condensed matter, mostly liquids and liquid-like media such as emulsions and soft solids, with special interests in ultrasound bioeffects and analytical assessments of the risk versus safety of medical ultrasound.

From 1947 to 1950, Wes was an instructor and assistant professor of physics at Penn State. Then he was assistant and associate professor of physics at Brown University (1950–1960), brought there by R. Bruce Lindsey, then chair of the Department of Physics. After a stint as a visiting scientist at Oxford University in 1960 to work with A. Rogers and D. E. Hughes, Wes arrived that year as a professor of physics at UVM. On sabbatical in 1969 he returned to the United Kingdom as a visiting scientist in the Department of Microbiology, University College, Cardiff, Wales, to collaborate with W. T. Coakley, D. E. Hughes, and A. R. Williams. In 1984, Wes was UVM University Scholar in the physical sciences. The next year he received the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s Joseph H. Homes Pioneer Award, named after a developer of early B-mode ultrasound imaging and contact scanning. In 1986, Wes retired from UVM as professor emeritus.

To Wes, people were very important, not only functionally as students or colleagues in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and research but also as individuals with needs and aspirations. The lists provided here only sample those he worked with. Postdocs, scientists, and faculty members visiting UVM included E. E. Fill (Austria), Robert K. Gould (Middlebury College, deceased), S. Hawkins (U.K.), E. A. Neppiras (U.K., deceased), T. K. Saksena, A. R. Williams (U.K.), and Marvin C. Ziskin (Temple University School of Medicine). Fellow UVM faculty members Wes interacted with included N. R. Alpert, J. A. Crowell (deceased), Alex Gershoy (deceased), Wm. Halpern, J. E. Krizan, B. K. Kusserow, F. J. Wiercinski, W. L. Wilson, and Junru Wu.

His students were many. Those coauthoring papers with Wes in his favorite Journal of the Acoustical Society of America included Douglas L. Miller (now at the University of Michigan), Richard E. Packard (now at the University of

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