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In 1945, Mr. Dietz transferred to the Fort Worth Division as fuselage group engineer and then was promoted to project engineer, responsible for all second-shift engineering operations in connection with production of the B-36. He then became assistant project engineer for the YB-60. After completion of the program, he was promoted to project engineer on the B-58 and continued with that project until August 1961, being promoted to senior project engineer and then chief of B-58 projects.

In August 1961 he was transferred to the F-111 project, where he was responsible for technical coordination of the proposal effort. After award of the contract in November 1962, he was appointed chief engineer of the F-111 project and managed and directed the F-111’s engineering design and development. In May 1969 he was assigned as director of airframe and structures technology, responsible for airplane design, structures analysis, loads, and engineering test laboratories.

Mr. Dietz was made engineering director in October 1971 and in this position was responsible for the lightweight fighter proposal. After award of the contract in April 1972, he became director of YF-16 engineering. In July 1974 he was promoted to vice president of F-16 engineering and directed the engineering effort for full-scale development and production of the program.

In 1979, Mr. Dietz transferred to the General Dynamics Convair Division, in San Diego, as vice president and program director of the cruise missile programs. He returned to Fort Worth in 1982 and assumed responsibility for the newly organized Special Projects Department as vice president and program director.

In September 1988 he was assigned the task of assisting the vice president of the YF-22 program in coordinating the design and development effort. In March 1989 he became responsible for providing division-wide coordination of engineering tasks on key programs, including the A-12 program. In January 1991 he became division vice president and senior technical staff member. Then in March 1991 he was tasked with the

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