wind, thermal, chemical); and full spacecraft sterilization for planetary protection and contamination control. He identified non-biological high-priority sensor technology areas as liquid phase analysis (wet chemistry, lab-on-a-chip, and ice/water analysis); mass spectroscopy (isobar-resolving with >100 K resolving power, laser ablation mass spectroscopy, and geochronology); and chemical microscopy (scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis, small spot scanning x-ray fluorescence, spectroscopic imaging, and chromophormicroscopy). He also identified game-changing technologies near the tipping point, including the ability to do things related to sample return (e.g., in situ geochronology, advanced life detection, and micro-analysis). He also identified a broadened access to deep space (flying instruments as discussed earlier in the day) as game-changing.

Public Comment Session and General Discussion

The day concluded with a public comment session moderated by Robert Hanisch. Most of the questions and comments focused on general issues of technology development. Topics included the challenges of maintaining a qualified workforce capable of advancing the state of the art and the difficulties of maintaining the knowledge and capabilities that have already been developed.


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