TABLE 3.13 Relevance of High-Priority Technologies to National and Commercial Space Needs

Technologies included in the final prioritization, listed by TABS number National Needs Commercial Needs
2.2.1      Electric Propulsion image image
2.2.3      Thermal Propulsion image image
3.1.3      Solar Power Generation (Photovoltaic and Thermal) image image
3.1.5      Fission (Power) image image
4.2.1      Extreme Terrain Mobility image image
6.3.2      Long-Duration (Crew) Health image image
8.1.1      Detectors & Focal Planes image image
8.1.3      (Instrument and Sensor) Optical Systems image image
8.2.4      High-Contrast Imaging and Spectroscopy Technologies image image
8.3.3      In Situ (Instruments and Sensors) image image
14.1.2   Active Thermal Control of Cryogenic Systems image image
X.1        Radiation Mitigation for Human Spaceflight image image
X.2        Lightweight and Multifunctional Materials and Structures image image
X.3        ECLSS image image
X.4        GN&C image image
X.5        EDL TPS image image

Essential image
Significant image
Minor image


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