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Site/City/State Country Max Magnitude Technology Type (causing induced seismicity) Reference
Groningen Field Netherlands 3 Oil and gas extraction van Eck et al. (2006)
Gross Schonebeck Germany –1.1 Geothermal Evans et al. (2012)
Grozny Caucasus (Russia) 3.2 Oil and gas extraction Guha (2000)
Gudermes Caucasus (Russia) 4.5 Oil and gas extraction Smirnova (1968)
Guy and Greenbrier, Arkansas USA 4.7 Wastewater injection Horton (2012)
Harz Germany 3.5 Other Giardini (2011)
Hellisheidi Iceland 2.4 Geothermal Evans et al. (2012)
Hijiori Japan 0.3 Geothermal Kaieda et al. (2010)
Hoover USA 5 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Horstberg Germany 0 Geothermal Evans et al. (2012)
Hsinfengchiang China 6.1 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Hunt Field, Mississippi7 USA 3.6 Secondary recovery Nicholson and Wesson (1992)
Idukki India 3.5 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Imogene Field, Texas USA 3.9 Oil and gas extraction Pennington et al. (1986)
Inglewood Oil Field, California USA 3.7 Secondary recovery Nicholson and Wesson (1992)
Ingouri Caucasus (Russia) 4.4 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Itizhitezhi Zambia 4.2 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Kariba Zambia 6.2 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Kastraki Greece 4.6 Surface water reservoir Guha (2000)
Kermit Field, Texas USA 4 Secondary recovery Nicholson and Wesson (1990)

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