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TABLE L.2 Carbon Capture and Sequestration Volumes

43 lb/ft3

Density of liquid CO2 at 80°C (AIRCO value)

2000 lb

1 ton liquid CO2

47 ft3

1 ton liquid CO2 at 80°C

47,000,000 ft3

1 million tons liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

1,330,892 m3

1 million tons liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

351,355,488 gal

1 million tons liquid CO2 at 80°C per year


1.33 × 106 m3/year liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

3.65 × 103 m3/day liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

3.51 × 108 gal/year liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

9.63 × 105 gal/day liquid CO2 at 80°C per year

NOTE: Table assumes 1 million tons of liquid CO2 injection per year. The density/unit weight of liquid CO2 varies significantly with temperature; the density of supercritical (liquid) CO2 ranges from 0.60 to 0.75 g/cm3 (Sminchak and Gupta, 2003). If one assumes approximately 43 lb/ft3 (AIGA, 2009) for the unit weight of CO2 (approximately 0.64 g/cm3) at a subsurface temperature of 80°C (AIGA, 2009) then 1 ton of CO2 equates to 47 ft3, and 1 million tons/year equates to 47,000,000 ft3/year or 1,330,892 m3/year or 3646 m3/day.
SOURCE: Sminchak and Gupta (2003); AIGA (2009).

TABLE L.3 Water Disposal Well Volume Calculations









NOTE: Reported average saltwater disposal (SWD) injection of 8,000–11,000 bbl/day. SWD injection volumes estimated from Texas Railroad Commission for SWD wells north of DFW airport. Frohlich et al. (2010) report a survey of SWD wells in Tarrant and Johnson counties that reported rates ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 barrels per month; 9,000 bbl/day was used for graph. Nicot and Scanlon (2012) state Texas is the top shale producer in the United States.
SOURCE: Frohlich et al. (2010).

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