The panel in its continuing work will determine the relative merits of NCSES’s augmenting its indicators program to produce finer geographical granularity of STI indicators. It should be noted that NCSES could provide some of these indicators with data from current surveys. Data from other sources, both profit and nonprofit, could be made available through NCSES. The data from outside providers would necessarily be vetted through NCSES’s data evaluation process. As a clearinghouse of STI data, NCSES could make great strides toward making high-utility indicators available to users, especially researchers and government organizations.

RECOMMENDATION 5: The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics should host working groups in the near future to further develop subnational science, technology, and innovation indicators. Participants in the working groups should be both users and providers of the data. A main focus of the discussion should be on data reliability, particularly at fine geographical scales. Potential indicators should include subnational research and development statistics, and subnational science, technology, engineering, and mathematics workforce statistics.

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