LEED certification a building certification system providing
verification that a building was designed and
built according to a set of “green” standards
list sample a sample generated from a sampling frame that
exists in a list form (such as a list of housing
unit addresses)
multistage sampling a sampling process involving several stages,
in which units at each subsequent stage (for
example, households) are subsampled from
previously selected larger units (for example,
city blocks or neighborhoods)
sampling frame the set of units from which the sample is
sampling units the individual units selected from the sampling
show card an interviewing aid consisting of a paper version
of answer options or definitions associated
with questionnaire items and used during an
in-person interview when the questions are read to the respondent and may be too difficult
to understand or remember without a
visual aid (also referred to as hand cards or flash cards)
smart meter electric meter that transmits electricity consumption
data to the utility and typically enables
a consumer to see a detailed breakdown
of the electricity usage information collected
by the meter
stratified sample a sampling technique that involves dividing
the sampling frame into distinct subgroups
of similar units and then selecting a separate
sample from each of the subgroups

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