BOX 4-1
2009 RECS Household Questionnaire Main Topics

Housing unit characteristics
Kitchen appliances
Home appliances and electronics
Space heating
Water heating
Air conditioning
Miscellaneous topics
Fuels used
Housing unit measurements
Fuel bills
Residential transportation
Household characteristics
Energy assistance (supplement)



SOURCE: U.S. Energy Information Administration ( [December 2011]).

In 2009 a commercially available version of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery sequence file (DSF) was used to perform the listing, where feasible. A traditional field listing was used when DSF-based listing was not possible, as was the case in many rural segments. The sampling frame is typically updated from one data collection to the next in order to account for such changes as new construction.

In the early days, the household portion of the RECS was conducted in the form of in-person interviews, using paper and pencil. Beginning with the 1997 data collection, the survey was moved to computer-assisted personal interviewing. The supplier survey was a mail survey before 2009, when the web became the primary mode of data collection.

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