•   Discipline-based education research (DBER) is a small but growing field of inquiry. At this time, most efforts to develop and advance DBER as a whole are taking place at the level of the individual fields of DBER.

•   Across the disciplines in this study, DBER is in different stages of development. DBER scholars and the individual fields of DBER have made notable inroads in terms of establishing their fields but still face challenges in doing so.

•   DBER is inherently interdisciplinary, and the blending of a scientific or engineering discipline with education research poses unique professional challenges for DBER scholars.

•   There are many pathways to becoming a discipline-based education researcher. At the time of this study, many established DBER scholars were trained in traditional disciplinary graduate programs and migrated into DBER. These border crossers are particularly common in the fields of biology education research, geoscience education research, and astronomy education research.

•   Conducting DBER and using DBER findings are distinct but interdependent pursuits.

•   Education research centers enable faculty to use DBER findings, introduce students to DBER as a career option, and support collaborations among faculty. Few of these centers currently exist, and even fewer have a singular focus on DBER.

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