chemistry and underlying disciplines, and resulted in large-scale commercial processes.” He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and a Fellow of the AAAS. Jim has invented or contributed significantly to the commercialization of a large number of products, including AFFINITY polyolefin plastomers, ENGAGE polyolefin elastomers, ELITE enhanced polyethylene resins, NORDEL-MG EPDM rubber, NORDEL-IP elastomers, Dow XLA-fibers, INDEX ethylene/styrene copolymers, VERSIFY propylene copolymers, INFUSE Olefin Block Copolymers, and the Dow POWERHOUSE Solar Shingle. There is hardly a car produced in the world or a grocery store anywhere that does not contain a polymer that was invented by Dr. Stevens’ group. Jim received a B.A. in chemistry from The College of Wooster in 1975. He obtained a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from The Ohio State University in 1979. Jim is an advisor to the National Science Foundation Center for Chemical Innovation, Solar Fuels based at Caltech.

Jay Whitacre, Ph.D.

Jay Whitacre received a PhD. from the University of Michigan in 1999. He held various positions at Caltech and the Jet Propulsion Lab before taking his current professorship at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 2007. There he develops functional materials systems and performs economic/environmental impact assessment for energy technologies. His early work at CMU resulted in the conception of a novel scalable energy storage device. In 2008 he founded Aquion Energy, a company that has grown to over 60 employees. He is currently on leave from CMU to serve as full-time CTO for Aquion as it scales a pilot manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Professor Whitacre has over 50 peer-reviewed papers and patents.

Ken Zweibel, Ph.D.

Ken Zweibel has almost 30 years experience in solar photovoltaics. He was at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (Golden, Colorado) much of that time and was the program leader for the Thin Film PV Partnership Program until 2006. The Thin Film Partnership worked with most U.S. participants in thin-film photovoltaics (PV) (companies, universities, scientists) and is often credited with being important to the success of thin-film PV in the United States. Corporate participants in the Partnership included First Solar, UniSolar, Global Solar, Shell Solar, BP Solar, and numerous others. Zweibel subsequently co-founded and became President of a thin-film CdTe PV startup, PrimeStar Solar, a majority share of which was purchased by General Electric. Zweibel became the founding Director of The George Washington University Solar Institute at its formation in 2008. Zweibel is frequently published and known worldwide in solar energy. He has written two books on PV and co-authored a Scientific American article (January 2008) on solar energy as a solution to climate change and energy problems.

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