12:15 PM LUNCH


1:15 PM Measures of National and Global Poverty and Their Use in Policy Making
Martin Ravallion, The World Bank
Presentation on measures of global poverty and food access: Advantages, shortcomings, and what should they be used for.

1:45 PM Questions for Clarification

2:00 PM An Alternative Poverty Indicator
James Foster, The George Washington University (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative)

2:15 PM Panel Discussion (Martin Ravallion, James Foster and Stephan Klasen) Moderator: Marco Ferroni, The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture Panel will focus on the way forward for the measurement of poverty and inequality and how to assure that measures are useful for policy makers.

2:30 PM General Discussion on Indicators for Hunger, Malnutrition, and Poverty
Moderator: Marco Ferroni, The Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture
image How important are global numbers for hunger, malnutrion and poverty? For whom?
image Do measures of poverty, food security, and malnutrition move in the same direction? If not why not? Is this a problem with the measures or does it highlight more complex issues?
image Are numbers comparable between countries and overtime?
image What information do decision-makers really need and for what?



3:30 PM Introductory Comments: Natural Resources and Agricultural Productivity
Emmy Simmons, U.S. Agency for International Development (ret.)

3:45 PM A. Measuring Productivity and Natural Assets (Panel Discussion 1)
Moderator: Philip Pardey, University of Minnesota
Panel will examines measures of agricultural productivity and natural resource use with regard to sustainable food security.
o Richard Perrin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Measures and Meaning of Agricultural Productivity)
o Stanley Wood, IFPRI (Expanding Agricultural Productivity Measures and Linking to Eco-System Services--A Spatially Explicit Approach)

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