TABLE E.1 Typical Effluent Releases from Fuel-Cycle Facilities

Facility Type Typical Radioactive Effluents

Mining (in situ leaching) Uranium, radon, and progeny
Milling Uranium, radon, and progeny
Conversion Uranium, radium-226, thorium-230
Enrichment Natural uranium, uranium-235, thorium-230, technetium-99,
neptunium-237, plutonium-239, 240
Fuel Fabrication Uranium-234, 235, 236, 238


FIGURE E.1 Schematic illustration of the uranium-235, thorium-232, and ura-nium-238 decay chains showing decay modes (i.e., alpha or beta decay), half-lives, and progeny. SOURCE: U.S. Geological Survey,

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