FIGURE 4.9 Sea-level responses in the northeast Pacific to ice loss from three major ice masses. The responses are shown as scale factors, which are the local sea-level equivalent divided by the global mean sea-level equivalent. (A) Response to melt from the Alaskan glacier system, as modeled in Tamisiea et al. (2003). (B) Response to uniform melting over the entire grounded portion of the Greenland Ice Sheet. (C) Response to melting across the entire Antarctic Ice Sheet (left) or the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (right). All of the calculations underlying this figure treat the Earth as elastic; that is, the timescale of response is assumed to be sufficiently rapid that viscous effects can be neglected. SOURCE: Courtesy of Jerry Mitrovica and Natayla Gomex, Harvard, based on calculations described in Mitrovica et al. (2011).

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