In Phase II a committee will consider in greater detail the validity of using the column drop performance test described by the Army for assessing the part-to-part consistency of a clay body within the level of precision that is identified by the Army test procedures.

Phase II letter report was submitted on April 22, 2010. Recommendations are in Appendix L.

    The committee will prepare a letter report documenting the findings from its Phase II considerations. This is a 6-week effort beginning November 1, 2009, and ending early February, 2010.

Phase II letter report was submitted on April 22, 2010. Recommendations are in Appendix L.
In Phase III a committee will consider test materials, protocols, and standards that should be used for future testing of personal armor by the Army.


    The committee will also consider any other issues associated with body armor testing that the committee considers relevant, including issues raised in the Government Accountability Office report Warfighter Support, Independent Expert Assessment of Body Armor Test Results and Procedures Needed Before Fielding (GAO-10-119).

Throughout the report and summarized in Appendix F.

    The committee will prepare a final report. This is a 14-month effort beginning November 1, 2009, and ending January 2011.

This report constitutes the Phase III final report.
The final report will document the committee’s findings pertaining to the following issues that are of particular immediate concern to DOT&E.


    The best methods for obtaining consistency of the clay, and for conditioning and calibrating the clay backing used currently to test armor.

Chapter 4

    The best instrumentation (e.g., laser scanning system, digital caliper, etc.) and procedures to use to measure the backface deformation (BFD) in the clay.

Chapter 5

    The appropriate use of statistical techniques (e.g., rounding numbers, choosing sample sizes, or test designs) in gathering the data.

Chapter 6
Appendixes H, I, and M

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