Are current federal and state research policies—and by extension the academic research enterprise—aligned with national needs? What emerging needs require changes in research funding or agendas?

What is the proper role of academic research in the larger U.S. research and innovation ecosystem relative to other components (industry labs, national labs, FFRDCs, etc.)?

Of the following, what are the most important issues that the committee should consider in its deliberations and why?

Implications of trends in federal, state, industry, and philanthropic funding and policies for research agendas, organization, and quality

Balance in the academic research enterprise across disciplines and types (basic, applied, development)

Organization or structure of research teams

Regulatory and reporting requirements

Quality of or access to research facilities

Demands on faculty

Disciplinary organization, interdisciplinarity, emerging fields

Collaboration (across disciplines, institutions, sectors, nations)

Managing and commercializing university intellectual property

Managing conflicts of interest

Globalization of the academic research enterprise

The role of information and communications technology in research

Public understanding of the value of research

Something else?

What major changes in the U.S. or global academic research enterprise are possible over the next two decades? What might the “game changers” be? How does the enterprise need to evolve? How can public policy facilitate this evolution?

What are the top actions to assure the strength of the U.S. academic research enterprise and its ability to contribute to national goals that the study committee could recommend to Congress, the federal government, state governments, research universities, and others that are supported by evidence and will have traction in the current fiscal and political environment?

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