INTRAPERSONAL COMPETENCIES images/nec-2-1.png Intellectual Openness images/nec-2-2.png Flexibility, adaptability, artistic and cultural appreciation, personal and social responsibility (including cultural awareness and competence), appreciation for diversity, adaptability, continuous learning, intellectual interest and curiosity [none] Main personality factor: openness
Work Ethic/ Conscientiousness images/nec-2-3.png Initiative, self-direction, responsibility, perseverance, productivity, grit, Type 1 self-regulation (metacognitive skills, including forethought, performance, and self-reflection), professionalism/ ethics, integrity, citizenship, career orientation [none] Main personality factor: conscientiousness
Positive Core Self-Evaluation images/nec-2-4.png Type 2 self-regulation (self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self-reinforcement), physical and psychological health [none] Main personality factor: emotional stability (opposite end of the continuum from neuroticism)

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