•   Additional education research could investigate how students at all ages learn about evolution and the best ways of conveying information about the subject.

•   The coordination of research throughout the country could enable educators and education researchers to work together to generate new knowledge on evolution education.


•   Articulating classroom-based education efforts with informal learning environments could reinforce and extend the teaching of evolution across the curriculum.

•   Educators can be ambassadors for both evolution and the nature of science by volunteering for committees, talking with colleagues, speaking in public events, publishing articles, and engaging in other outreach efforts.

•   Strategically planned and financed dissemination of the ideas of “evolution every day” or “everyday evolution” to a variety of audiences could build awareness of the centrality of evolution in the modern understanding of life.

•   A watchdog group could rate politicians for scientific accuracy just as other groups rank politicians on other issues.


•   Supplemental awards from the National Science Foundation and other public and private sources of funding can provide support for educational and research activities involving evolution education, and especially for students who do not take Advanced Placement Biology and those who are not planning to major in science.

•   NESCent can support the development of courses and curriculum for evolution education at different levels, from elementary school to college and from the local to national scales.

•   Deleting some material from current biology curricula may be necessary to make room for an increased focus on evolution.

•   Rewarding college faculty for effective teaching about evolution and the nature of science could create incentives to develop new materials and teach students well.

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