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ARS Postsurvey: After the last group activity, a repeat of the same opinion statements to which participants responded in the presurvey, immediately followed by display of the comparative responses from the pre- and postsurveys for participant reaction and discussion.

Evaluation: A series of statements delivered by ARS to elicit participants’ opinions about their experiences and perceived value of the community conversations, followed by written responses to several open-ended questions.


Many individuals played key roles in orchestrating and leading the community conversations. Table facilitators and note takers were provided with background and program materials in advance of the community conversations, including a “Guide for Table Facilitators and Note Takers” and a briefing memorandum with additional subject-matter background and suggested answers to anticipated participant questions about pandemics and antiviral medications. The day prior to their sessions, they attended 2-hour trainings where they received further introduction to the topic, agenda, and tools, and participated in a simulation of one of the discussion scenarios. Immediately following the community conversation, they participated in a debriefing. Table facilitators and note takers were paid stipends to compensate them for their time preparing for and attending the community conversations.

Process for Small-Group Discussions

Throughout each community conversation, participants engaged in small-group discussions at their tables about the various questions and issues presented to them, and also reported out and engaged in further discussion with the large groups. Their comments were documented in several ways. For the small-group introductory and scenario discussions, trained note takers at each table recorded key points by writing them on highly structured templates designed for this purpose. For the report-outs on the two discussion scenarios, each table was asked to complete a form on which they wrote the three main points they planned to share with the full group. These forms were collected, and additional note takers recorded the ideas presented by the table representatives in their report-outs and during the ensuing large-group discussions. Finally, most participants completed short written evaluation forms at the end of the session.

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