Recommendation 7. The Department of Health and Human Services should produce and disseminate a report at least once every 2 years on the care of people with HIV. This report should characterize trends and identify gaps in coverage and care during and following the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Sufficient resources will be required to implement the committee’s recommendations. These resources include staffing and funding to support collection and analysis of data from MMP, Medicaid, Medicare, and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program to monitor trends in access to health insurance and health care for people with HIV; collection and analysis of data from MMP, Medicaid, Medicare, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, and other data sources to estimate core indicators and assess care quality for people with HIV; and the production and dissemination of a report at least once every 2 years describing the care of people with HIV based on analysis of data from these sources.


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