perinatal transmission of HIV has resulted in a relatively small number of newly diagnosed pediatric HIV cases in the United States each year


How to Establish a Baseline of Health Care Coverage and Utilization Prior to 2014

There currently is no single source of data to generate a nationally representative baseline of care coverage and utilization for people with HIV prior to 2014. In considering the statement of task for this report, the committee felt that the first, overarching, question about how to obtain “national estimates that characterize the health care of people living with HIV in public and private settings” had been addressed in its first report. That report identified 12 data systems, including public and private and HIV-specific and non-HIV specific systems, that the committee concluded could serve as a collective platform for evaluating access to continuous and high-quality care in all populations of people with HIV. Although none of these systems are designed to be nationally representative, together they can provide a reasonably accurate baseline of care coverage and utilization before 2014.

Recommendation 1. Given that there currently is no single data collection system that can be used to establish a baseline for health care coverage and utilization for a nationally representative sample of people with HIV in the United States, the Office of National AIDS Policy should use multiple existing data sources to establish this baseline prior to 2014. These data sources might include

  • National HIV Surveillance System
  • Medical Monitoring Project
  • Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
  • Medicaid and Medicare
  • Veterans Health Administration
  • Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS
  • North American AIDS Cohort Collaboration on Research and Design
  • CFAR Network of Integrated Clinical Systems
  • HIV Research Network
  • Private insurers

As the committee concluded in its first report with respect to the estimation of its recommended indicators for clinical HIV care and supportive services,

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