that reported participating in Provision 2 or 3 (not in a base year) during from 1 to 4 of the past 5 years. There were 287 districts that met these criteria. The panel worked with FNS to obtain contact information for these districts. Working with its regional offices, FNS provided e-mail addresses for 100 of these districts, each of which was sent a survey questionnaire via Survey Monkey. Twenty-two districts completed the Internet survey.

Of the 22 Internet survey respondents, 1 had not implemented a special provision and was out of scope. The number of schools in these districts ranged from 2 to 90, with an average of about 16. Enrollment ranged from 1,100 to 49,000, with an average of about 8,300. Most of these districts reported operating under Provision 2. One district reported operating under Provision 2 in the past, but could no longer afford to participate because of district finances. One school reported operating under Provision 2 for breakfast only. The others all reported operating under Provision 2 for both breakfast and lunch. Eleven reported having implemented Provision 2 districtwide.

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