BOX 5-1
Questions Addressed During the Closing Open Discussion

1. What baseline measures are particularly needed to track the impact of change to CACFP, such as those that were recommended in the recent Institute of Medicine report?

2. Since funding will be unavailable to do all of the proposed research at one time, what is a reasonable ordered approach for assessing these topics? Prioritize the research needs, including the importance of data collection at the individual (child) level, the provider level, and the state or national level.

3. What are the best survey designs to gather nationally representative data, and to allow an evaluation of trends?

4. Are data collected by states able to be used to compile nationally representative data, replacing the need to conduct a survey? What types?

5. Are there different evaluation measures that should be considered for CACFP family day care homes versus child care centers?

6. Are there measures that have not been discussed today that should be considered in evaluating CACFP (other than physical activity measures)?


language in the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 very closely aligns with some of the research recommendations laid out in the CACFP report. The act authorizes funding for a study of the nutrition and wellness quality in all child care settings, including but not limited to CACFP programs, and provides USDA with $5 million for conducting such research. According to Jay Hirschman, USDA will give precedence to research proposals that address items in the act on which FNS must report back to Congress. It is discretionary as to how far and in depth they will delve into each of the areas mandated by the legislation and how far and in depth they will go into other areas not explicitly included in the legislative directive.


Before the open discussion began, Jennifer Weber of Nemours, a foundation that operates a children’s health system, offered some public comments based on the population-based prevention component of their mission. (As part of its prevention mission, Nemours worked with CACFP

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