TABLE 4-1 Draft Tool for Assessing Partnerships

Value of Item
  Low Medium High

Initiation: Shall I engage in this partnership?


Level of authentic trust


Commonality of interests


Brand complementarity


Appropriate authority and mandate to negotiate


Appropriate expertise, capacity, and resources


Feasibility of achieving common goals


Legal accountability throughout


Risk mitigation (for media attention, public scrutiny)


Development: If yes, how do we maintain our relationship?


Leadership and champions identified


Clarity of roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, jurisdiction, and commitment to completion


Opportunity for sharing assets (e.g., reach, resources, influence)


Commitment to and capacity for internal and external communications throughout


Capacity for project and issues management


Completion: And now that we have achieved our goals…


Planning for project closure and celebration


Evaluation of partnership is planned and resourced


SOURCE: Diane Finegood and Margaret Rudolf.

2. Development. The second set of questions to consider when assessing partnerships pertains to the maintenance of the partnerships, including whether to disengage from a partnership. Again, based on work conducted during the Building Trust workshops, Finegood listed several questions, or issues, to consider when evaluating this development phase: identification of leaders and champions; clarity of roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, jurisdiction, and commitment to completion; opportunity for sharing assets; commitment to and capacity for internal and external communications; and capacity for project and issues management.

3. Completion. It is just as important to consider termination of the partnership as it is initiation and development. Many Building Trust workshop participants identified two key issues, or questions, to consider when evaluating the completion phase of a partnership: (1) whether


the clash on that partnership had a great deal to do with many Building Trust workshop participants identifying brand complementarity as an important issue.

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