This survey is being conducted by the National Research Council (NRC), the operational component of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine, to examine various aspects of the veterinary medical profession. The study will explore historical changes in the size and characteristics of the veterinary workforce; assess the demographics and adequacy of the current supply of veterinarians in different occupational categories and sectors of the economy; and identify incentives, disincentives, and other factors that are likely to affect the numbers of veterinarians seeking jobs in different sectors in the future. The study will also examine trends affecting the kinds of jobs available to veterinarians and assess future demand for veterinary expertise in existing and new employment sectors. The study will examine the current and future capacity of universities and colleges to provide sufficient numbers of adequately trained veterinarians and identify training needs relative to the demand for specific expertise. Data on past trends and the current status of the workforce are not available from national databases. To gather the necessary data the Committee for the study is conducting surveys in various sectors. The questions in this survey are designed to collect information on the employment of veterinarians in the industrial sector.

Your participation is important. By completing this questionnaire, you are providing information that will: 1) help the NRC identify the characteristics of the veterinary workforce; 2) enable the NRC to analyze trends in the composition of the workforce; 3) will provide data that will inform the profession and educational institutions on the status of the veterinary workforce.

Your participation is voluntary. You may refuse to answer any question or discontinue participation at any point. There is no risk to you or your company in responding to this questionnaire. Your identity will be known to only the National Research Council. Your willingness to provide the answers to the questions indicates your informed consent to participate in this study.

This web based survey is designed so that you can stop answering the questions at any time and return to the survey to answer more questions or change answers to already completed questions. The only constraint is that you use the same computer while answering the questions.

1) Demographic Information

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