2) Please check all business areas from the following list that apply to your work. The data you provide in Question 1 should correspond to the information provided in subsequent sections. Please answer for operations in the USA only.

Business Operation
Human pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines  
Veterinary pharmaceuticals and/or vaccines  
Human diagnostics  
Veterinary diagnostics  
Crop protection  
Animal foods:  

Livestock feed


Pet foods

Human food  
Laboratory animal supplier  
Contract management of lab animal facilities  
Contract research laboratory:  






Other (please specify) ________________________  

For each of the following questions, please answer only for the area or areas that you checked above.

3) For the following areas, please indicate the number of veterinarians CURRENTLY EMPLOYED FULL-TIME by your company.

Major activity of veterinarian(s) DVM (or equivalent) DVM and PhD Board Certified Board Certified and PhD DVM and MBA
Preclinical Discovery Research
Clinical Research/Development
Safety R&D Toxicology
Safety R&D Pathology
Research support Laboratory
animal medicine
Regulatory Affairs
Technical services/customer
Senior Management
Other (please specify) _______

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