review) models should emphasize in-depth integration with data and deployments from the constituent domains.

Blend Sustainability and Education

A shifting of the culture of CS to embrace sustainability more fully as an important and fruitful application area for research needs to include educating CS students about ways to have an impact with computing, computation, and systems approaches in important areas. Such a shift in culture would encourage students to develop domain expertise and to collaborate directly with domain experts while in graduate school or in preparing for graduate work. Such a shift also requires a culture of experimentation and innovation in the application of computer science.

Adjusting education within the target domains is as important as shifting the culture in CS. Information and data are critical to understanding the challenges, to formulating and deploying solutions, to communicating results, and to facilitating learning and new behaviors based on the results of the work. Thus a significant component of meeting virtually all sustainability challenges is to infuse computational thinking and approaches that are rich in CS and IT into the deploying industry and agencies. This component needs to include cross training students in multiple fields to create “champions” who can bring a CS perspective into other arenas. Sustainability is a challenge that will persist for generations; sustained commitment will be necessary, as well as continuing innovation in support of efforts to meet sustainability challenges.

PRINCIPLE: Undergraduate and graduate education in computer science should provide experience in working across disciplinary boundaries. Graduate training grants and postdoctoral fellowships should support training in multiple disciplines. Undergraduate and graduate programs should include tracks that offer introductory and intermediate course work in such sustainability areas as life-cycle analysis, agriculture, ecology, natural resource management, economics, and urban planning.

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