are surveyed. For law schools, only students are surveyed. Participation in these surveys is optional.17

The National Survey of Student Engagement and the Law School Survey do not gather information on final output such as degrees and credit hours. Rather, their focus is on intermediate outputs, such as learning during enrollment. The community college engagement survey asks students to report the range of credit hours completed rather than the exact number of credit hours. The faculty surveys collect information on full-time/part-time status, number of credit hours taught and rank. There is no survey of nonfaculty staff. No information is collected on faculty or staff salaries. Information gathered in the surveys can be supplemented by individual institutions by linking student responses to other institutional data. Results from the survey can be used to estimate sheepskin effects. As students report a field of major, the results can be used to deduce learning gains in various fields.

The most useful attribute of student and faculty engagement surveys is that they collect data at the individual institution level and can be tailored to specific needs. Among their drawbacks is that participation at institutional, faculty, and student level is optional; and facility to convert survey results to productivity measures has not been developed.


17Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement:; Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement:; Community College Survey of Student Engagement:; Faculty Survey of Student Engagement:; Law School Survey of Student Engagement:; and National Survey of Student Engagement: [July 2012]. The Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas, Austin, conducts the community college survey. Other surveys are conducted by the Indiana University Center for Survey Research in cooperation with its Center for Survey Research.

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