TABLE 4.3 Additional IPEDS Data for the Differential Labor Market

  Period 1 Period 2 Period 3

Number of FTEs—instruction, research, and public service staff with faculty status

1,564 1,601 1,1601

Number of PT/PI staff

2 2 2

Number of other staff

4,928 6,704 5,974

Expenditures on wages and salaries for instruction, research, and public service

$529,572 $701,791 $874,051

Expenditures on fringe benefits for instruction, research, and public service

193,203 361,064 193,373

Expenditures on wages and salaries for other functions

380,610 410,296 482,139

Expenditures on fringe benefits for other functions

147,449 203,686 119,510

Average salary for FT instructional, staff

108,200 114,464 122,508

NOTE: FT = full-time, FTE = full-time equivalent, PT/PI = part-time/primarily instruction.

come directly from IPEDS, with those for other functions obtained by subtraction. Average salary for full-time instructional staff comes from the corresponding table in IPEDS. The very small PT/PI share may be an artifact of the particular data used in the example, but because the number is growing across the sector we believe this variable remains worthy of consideration.

Only one required data element is unavailable in IPEDS: the ratio of PT/PI salaries per FTE to those of regular faculty. It is possible (though perhaps not cost-effective) that IPEDS could be expanded to get this information; absent the change it may be adequate to assume the compensation ratio or determine it by special study.11 Finally, the expenditures for tenure-track and adjunct faculty expenditures are subtracted from total labor expenditures to get the figure for other labor.

Table 4.4 illustrates the calculations. The first step is to allocate the quantities and expenditures to the Education function. The figures for full-time tenure-track faculty and other staff are portioned using the education share variable computed in the base model. PT/PI staff needs no allocation because they are “primarily instruction” to start with. The FTE figures for Period 3 have been adjusted to demonstrate the effect of substituting PT/PI staff for full-time tenure-track faculty (discussed below): specifically, we subtracted 100 instructional FTEs from tenure-track faculty and added them to PT/PI.


11One-third may be a reasonable approximation. We obtained this figure by assuming that (a) PT/PI staff get about $5,000 per course with no benefits, (b) average annual faculty salary plus benefits is $90,000, and (c) the average full-time faculty member teaches 6 courses a year. In this case the calculation is $5 000/($90 000/6) = 1/3

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