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MAR 01 2010


SUBJECT: Final Implementation Plan for the Recovery and Destruction of Buried Chemical Warfare Materiel

The Deputy Secretary of Defense designated the Secretary of the Army as the DoD Executive Agent (EA) for destruction of non-stockpile chemical warfare munitions, agents, and by-products on March 13, 1991. This designation is consistent with DoD Directive 5101.1, “DoD Executive Agent,” dated September 3, 2002.

The authorities and responsibilities of this EA designation include, among other functions: (a) maintaining DoD’s inventory of locations known or suspected to contain chemical warfare materiel (CWM) and chemical agent identification sets (CAIS); (b) the execution of CWM response or other actions, such as range clearance activities, needed to address these sites; (c) supporting explosives or munitions emergency responses that may involve recovered chemical warfare materiel (RCWM) or CAIS; (d) addressing, regardless of the circumstances under which found, RCWM and munitions and other materials that have an unknown liquid or chemical agent fill (munitions and materials of interest); (e) planning, programming and budgeting for the EA functions for the assessment of the fill of RCWM and munitions and other materials of interest, the destruction of RCWM, and those functions and equipment related to such assessment and destruction; and (f) integrating and coordinating the RCWM Program with all DoD Components. Collectively, these and related functions make up the RCWM Program.

This EA designation ensures a comprehensive approach for addressing RCWM and determining whether, munitions and other materials of interest are RCWM. Under this EA determination, the Army’s execution of the RCWM Program will provide consistency, avoid duplication, and provide for the efficient use of those limited resources that support the assessment of liquid and chemical agent fills and the destruction of RCWM.

The Army will establish procedures for: (a) the execution of RCWM response or other actions needed to address RCWM; (b) the support of explosives or munitions emergency response actions that may involve RCWM or CAIS; (c) the assessment of both RCWM to determine its chemical agent (CA) fill, and recovered munitions and materials of interest to determine whether the fill is a CA; (d) me destruction of all RCWM in a manner mat complies with applicable federal and state laws and regulations and DoD policies; (e) the sustainment of required crews and equipment; and (f) the maintenance of related equipment. As part of the responsibilities under tins EA designation, the Army will work witii the other DoD Components to develop a proposal for DoD approval that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of the DoD Components.

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