The deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment (DUSD(I&E)) and the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), in coordination with the Army and the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs (ATSD(NCB)), will determine an appropriate funding profile for a new RCWM Program account. However, the funding source for the assessment of RCWM and munitions and other materials of interest, the destruction of RCWM, the sustaihment of crews and equipment, and the maintenance of related equipment will be the Chemical Agent and Munitions Destruction, Defense (CAMD, D) appropriation pending establishment of the RCWM Program account. Once implemented and funded, the RCWM Program account will be resourced from the DoD’s Total Obligation Authority and will be separate and distinct from the CAMD,D account used for the other portions of the Chemical Destruction Program. Those functions and activities not related to the assessment of RCWM and munitions and other materials of interest and the destruction of RCWM will be funded by the Defense Environmental Restoration Program accounts or other appropriations normally available to fund such functions and activities. Once established, the RCWM Program account will fund: (a) the assessment of both RCWM to determine the most likely chemical agent fill; (b) the assessment of munitions and other materials of interest to determine whether they are RCWM; (c) destruction of RCWM; (d) the sustainment and maintenance of required crews and equipment; and (e) program management and other necessary functions of the EA.

Within 180 days of receipt of this memorandum, I request the Army develop and submit to me for review timelines and milestones that are coordinated with DUSD(I&E), ATSD(NCB), and the other DoD Components for me following activities - at a minimum:

•  Delineate program management roles and responsibilities to ensure seamless work flow and funding at the sites currently identified as being CWM response sites;

•  Determine the funding required for support of the RCWM Program for consideration in the planning, programming, and budgeting process for the Fiscal Year 2012 through 2017 Program Objectives Memorandum; and

•  Provide technical advice and support the planning, programming, and budgeting process for those environmental response actions that may involve RCWM under the DERP,

My point of contact is Ms. Deborah Morefield at 703-571-9067.


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