FIGURE 7-4 Army RCWM organization and authority recommended by committee. NOTE: Tasking authority is the authority of the RCWM Program Executive with respect to day-to-day oversight, guidance, management, and direction of Army elements on all RCWM matters, including program and budget planning and allocation, and program and budget execution and performance by the RCWM commands, agencies, and organizations.

authority of the RCWM program executive; and the realignment of NSCMP under the USACE Huntsville Engineering and Support Center. The figure also delineates the lines of command, tasking authority, and coordination among the various elements of the program.

Once assigned, the RCWM program executive should, at a minimum, undertake the following:

•  Form and chair a new RCWM OIPT composed of decision makers from key organizations involved in the policy, programming, and execution of the RCWM program. The new RCWM OIPT, composed of higher level representatives of the organizations in the current provisional RCWM IO along with appropriate members from OSD, would replace the provisional RCWM IO. OIPT members should be fairly senior in grade, knowledge and experience, and should be given the authority to make decisions by their parent organizations.

•  Develop an integrated DOD priority list of potential RCWM remediation sites for approval by the Secretary of the Army.

•  Develop and execute a coordinated 5-yr program plan and budget estimate for remediation of the identified priority RCWM sites.

•  Review requirements for RCWM emergency response functions and establish a program plan and budget to support the required capabilities.

—Required RCWM emergency response infrastructure

—Research and development, technology, procurement

—Known remediation support

—Response to emergency response contingencies

•  Develop and defend in the FY2014-2018 POM/budget execution submission a budget program and plan for RCWM remediation that will, assuming approval and funding by Congress, support execution of the approved RCWM plan and support maintenance of an RCWM emergency response infrastructure.

As the new RCWM program executive position and the recommended supporting OIPT are constituted, the com-

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