DASA(ESOH) Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health)
DAVINCH detonation of ammunition in a vacuum integrated chamber
DC diphenylcyanoarsine (Clark II)
DDESB Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board
DERP Defense Environmental Restoration Program
DM adamsite
DMM discarded military munitions
DOD Department of Defense
DOT Department of Transportation
DRCT digital radiography and computed tomography
DUSD(I&E) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment
EA executive agent
ECBC Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
EDS Explosive Destruction System
EDS-1 EDS Phase 1
EDS-2 EDS Phase 2
EDS-3 EDS Phase 3
EDT explosive destruction technology
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPCRA Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
ER,A Environmental Response, Army
FFA federal facility agreement
FORSCOM Forces Command (U.S. Army)
FSS fragment suppression system
FTO flameless thermal oxidizer
FUDS formerly used defense site(s)
GA tabun (a nerve agent)
GB sarin (a nerve agent)
GD soman (a nerve agent)
H sulfur mustard
HD sulfur mustard (distilled)
HEPA high-efficiency particulate air (filter)
HN nitrogen mustard
HN-3 nitrogen mustard
HNC Huntsville Engineering Center
HS sulfur mustard
HSWA Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments
HT sulfur mustard, T-mustard combination, also British mustard
IHF interim holding facility
IMCOM Installation Management Command (U.S. Army)
INST CDR installation commander
IO integrating office
IPT integrated product team
IRP Installation Restoration Program
ITRC Interstate Technology Regulatory Council
L lewisite or liter
LDR land disposal restrictions
LITANS large item transportable access and neutralization system
MARB Materiel Assessment Review Board
MC munitions constituents
MDAP major defense acquisition program(s)
MEA monoethanolamine
MEC munitions and explosives of concern
MEL mobile expeditionary laboratory (CARA)
MIL-SPEC military specification
MINICAMS Miniature Chemical Agent Monitoring System(s)
MMAS mobile munitions assessment system
MMRP Military Munitions Response Program
MR munitions rule
MRC multiple round container
MRP munitions response program
MRS munitions response site
MRSPP Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol
MSU munitions storage unit
NAVFAC Naval Facilities Engineering Command
NCP National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
NDAA National Defense Authorization Act
NEW net explosive weight
NPL National Priorities List
NRC National Research Council
NSCM non-stockpile chemical materiel
NSCMP Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Project
NSCWM non-stockpile chemical warfare materiel
OB/OD open burn/open detonation
OCONUS outside the continental United States
OIPT overarching integrated product team

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