services are widely disseminated and closely integrated into local communities, giving them a scope and influence not matched by more centralized programs. These features suggest that extension activities can contribute to peacebuilding in countries beset by conflict, albeit with organizational modifications and enhanced capacity in order for agents to engage in such activities effectively. Through the provision of agricultural and potentially peacebuilding information, extension agents can also strengthen the reputation and credibility of the government.

On May 1, 2012, the Roundtable on Science, Technology, and Peacebuilding held a workshop in Washington, DC, to explore whether and how extension activities could serve peacebuilding purposes. The Roundtable is a partnership between the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and the US Institute of Peace (USIP). It consists of senior executives and experts from leading governmental organizations, universities, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations, was established in 2011 to make a measurable and positive impact on conflict management, peacebuilding, and security capabilities. Its principal goals are:

  1. to accelerate the application of science and technology to the process of peacebuilding and stabilization;
  2. to promote systematic, high-level communication between peacebuilding and technical organizations on the problems faced and the technical capabilities required for successful peacebuilding; and
  3. to collaborate in applying new science and technology to the most pressing challenges for local and international peacebuilders working in conflict zones.

At a December 2011 meeting, the Roundtable agreed on a portfolio of high-impact peacebuilding activities in the following areas:

  1. adapting agricultural extension to peacebuilding;
  2. using data sharing to improve coordination in peacebuilding;
  3. sensing emerging conflicts; and
  4. harnessing systems methods for delivery of peacebuilding services.

Subcommittees are developing action plans for these areas; the May 1, 2012, workshop was the first in a series that will address the four topics. The Roundtable is committed to using these workshop activities as a basis for peacebuilding action in the field. Consequently, the long-term goal of each

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