NRC   National Research Council
OLS   ordinary least squares
OST   occluded space team
PCAPP   Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plant
PCD   Pueblo Chemical Depot
PCE   protective clothing and equipment
PMACWA   Program Manager for Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives
PPE   personal protective equipment
PQL   practical quantitation limit
PVC   polyvinyl chloride
RASTIR   remote analyte sampling, transport, and ionization relay
RCM   rocket cutting machine
RCRA   Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
RD&D   research development and demonstration
SCWO   supercritical water oxidation
SFT   shipping and firing tube
SPME   solid phase microextraction
STEL   short term exposure limit Tchemical compound ((ClCH2CH2)2SCH2CH2)2O
TAP   toxological agent protective
TCLP   toxic characteristic leaching procedure
TOC   total organic carbon
TOF   time-of-flight
TSDF   treatment, storage and disposal facility
UCL   upper confidence limit
UPL   upper prediction limit
VOC   volatile organic compound
VSL   vapor screening level
VX   a nerve agent
WAP   waste analysis plan
WCL   waste control limit
WLS   weighted least squares

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