JUNE 13, 2011

Sustainable Algal Biofuels

Richard Sayre, Danforth Center and Phycal, LLC

Microalgal Strains for Fuel: Starting Points and Cultivation Specifications

Peter Lammers, New Mexico State University

Oil From Algae–Greens, Diatoms, and Dinoflagellates Accumulate High Oil Levels

Art Grossman, Carnegie Institute of Washington

Genetic Engineering and Sustainable Algal Biofuels

Gary Sayler, University of Tennessee

Strain Selection for Algal Biofuels in Open Ponds: Ecological and Evolutionary Considerations

Allison Snow, The Ohio State University

Promises to Keep?

Phil Pienkos, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Scaling Algal Biofuels Resource and Sustainability Challenges End-User and Investor Perspective

Evan Smith, Verno Systems Incorporated

A Cyanobacteria-Based Photosynthetic Process for the Production of Ethanol

Ron Chance, Algenol Biofuels

Algal Production and Processing

Gail Busch, Algepower

Near-Term Commercialization of Algal Biofuel

Alex Aravanis, Sapphire Energy

The Algae to Fuels Value Chain

Jim Rekoske, UOP Honeywell

Life Cycle Assessment of Algae-to-Energy Technologies

Andres Clarens, University of Virginia

Life Cycle Analysis of Algae-Based Fuels with the GREET Model

Ed Frank, Argonne National Laboratory

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