BOX 6-2
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)
Prevention and Treatment Capabilities


  • Education and training—Instruction for soldiers to increase knowledge, skills, and/or experience.
  • Deterrence—Actions to dissuade soldiers from abusing or misusing substances. Random drug testing is the primary deterrence activity.
  • Identification/detection—Identification of soldiers as potential substance abusers through self-identification, Command identification, drug testing identification, medical identification, or investigation or apprehension identification.
  • Referral—Self-referral and Command referral to ASAR
  • Risk reduction—Analysis of behavioral risk data to identify units with high-risk profiles and provide prevention interventions to mitigate high-risk behaviors.


  • Screening—Individual biopsychosocial evaluation interviews to determine whether soldiers need to be referred to treatment.
  • Rehabilitation—Clinical intervention to either return soldiers to full duty or identify soldiers who cannot be rehabilitated successfully.

SOURCE: Adapted from U.S. Army, 2009.

services. The ASAP staff acknowledged, however, that under the new structure, it is more difficult to coordinate treatment for SUDs with other medical care. ASAP no longer has access to a scheduling and tracking database previously used to track compliance with treatment requirements. In addition, the medical record permits limited documentation of ASAP care because of concern about the confidentiality of alcohol and other drug abuse records (42 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] Part 2). During the transition period from MEDCOM to IMCOM, moreover, attrition of clinical staff has exacerbated the need to hire additional clinicians.


ASAP prevention, education, and training services are intended to prevent, deter, and reduce alcohol and other drug abuse and to provide soldiers

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