• Retaining a set number of stained or unstained tissue sections from a specimen.
  • Not permitting any specimens collected before a given date to be used for research without specific review of whether the need justifies depletion of the resource and without explicit authorization by a designated repository officer.
  • Not disposing of any specimen collected before a given date, no matter its condition.

More broadly, the JPC should consider whether the goal of sustaining and enhancing the research potential of its collection could be advanced by requiring researchers who receive specimens to return analysis results to the repository for integration into the specimens’ documentation. Such a requirement would need to be predicated on the JPC’s developing the infrastructure to manage such returns.

Access to Repository Materials

Given the defined mission and vision of the Joint Pathology Center, should access to repository materials be limited to the federal government or open to a larger pool of potential users? What advantages and disadvantages should be considered in defining the potential users of the repository in research?

Permitting wide access to the JPC repository materials promotes the public good through the advancement of medical and scientific knowledge. It also benefits the DoD by fostering the development of information on the determinants of disease and good health in service members and veterans.

The JPC’s mission and vision are focused on service to the DoD and the rest of the federal government but do not preclude working with other entities. The committee does not believe that there are any intrinsic advantages or disadvantages to any particular set of potential users of the repository’s resources. The committee recommends that there be no a priori restrictions on which applicants may apply for access to the repository’s specimens and data.

When data or specimens are disseminated to outside investigators, the JPC must be especially attentive to employing mechanisms to manage privacy and security issues properly. The committee recommends that the JPC condition its provision of repository materials to researchers outside of the federal government on

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