BOX 10-1
Categories of the Committee’s Recommendations

Foundational Elements

Recommendation 1: The digital infrastructure. Improve the capacity to capture clinical, care delivery process, and financial data for better care, system improvement, and the generation of new knowledge.

Recommendation 2: The data utility. Streamline and revise research regulations to improve care, promote the capture of clinical data, and generate knowledge.

Care Improvement Targets

Recommendation 3: Clinical decision support. Accelerate integration of the best clinical knowledge into care decisions.

Recommendation 4: Patient-centered care. Involve patients and families in decisions regarding health and health care, tailored to fit their preferences.

Recommendation 5: Community links. Promote community-clinical partnerships and services aimed at managing and improving health at the community level.

Recommendation 6: Care continuity. Improve coordination and communication within and across organizations.

Recommendation 7: Optimized operations. Continuously improve health care operations to reduce waste, streamline care delivery, and focus on activities that improve patient health.

Supportive Policy Environment

Recommendation 8: Financial incentives. Structure payment to reward continuous learning and improvement in the provision of best care at lower cost.

Recommendation 9: Performance transparency. Increase transparency on health care system performance.

Recommendation 10: Broad leadership. Expand commitment to the goals of a continuously learning health care system.

policy environment. Also identified are the stakeholders whose engagement is necessary for the implementation of each recommendation. Each recommendation describes the core improvement aim for the area, followed by specific strategies representing initial steps stakeholders should take in acting on the recommendation. Additional activities will have to be undertaken by numerous stakeholder groups to sustain and advance the continuous improvement required.

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