SEQDC Sequential Differential Correction—performs a series of least-squares differential corrections that are computed in a sequential mode, which uses one or more observations or tracks while retrieving former covariance information from a prior differential correction; uses both SGP4 and SP for generation of ephemerides
SGP4 Simplified General Perturbations 4—an analytic method of generating ephemerides for satellites in Earth-centered orbits
SMC Space and Missile Systems Center
SOA service-oriented architecture
SP Special Perturbations—an algorithm that uses numerical integration to generate ephemerides for satellites in Earth-centered orbits
SPADOC Space Defense Operations Center
SPK a type of file that contains ephemeris (trajectory) data
SRP solar radiation pressure
SSA space situational awareness
SSN Space Surveillance Network
TIE-GCM Thermosphere Ionosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model
TIME-GCM Thermosphere Ionosphere Mesosphere Electrodynamics General Circulation Model
TLE two-line element
UCT uncorrrelated track
UKF unscented Kalman filter
USAF United States Air Force
WACCM-X Whole Atmosphere Community Climate Model, extended to the exobase
WAM Whole Atmosphere Model
WGS-72 World Geodetic Survey 1972 Earth gravity model
WGS-84 World Geodetic Survey 1984 Earth gravity model

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