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FIGURE 15.1 Organization of ventral PFC. Maps of the cytoarchitectonic organization of ventral PFC are shown for the human (A and B) and macaque brain (C–E). (A) Brodmann map (1909) of the human brain with areas 44, 45, and 47 marked on the IFG. Reproduced with permission from Brodmann (1909). (B) Map of the human brain color-coded to match the corresponding homologous regions in the macaque brain shown in D. Reproduced with permission from Petrides and Pandya (2002). (C) Map of M. mulatta. Reproduced with permission from Preuss and Goldman-Rakic (1991). (D) Map of macaque brain. Reproduced with permission from Petrides and Pandya (2002). (E) Photomicrograph of VLPFC in macaque monkey with cytoarchitectonic areas labeled. The IPD is marked in D and in E. Image courtesy of G. Luppino (Gerbella et al., 2010).

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