Four New Messages for Promoting Engineering

•     Engineers make a world of difference. From new farming equipment and safer drinking water to electric cars and faster microchips, engineers use their knowledge to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways.

•     Engineers are creative problem solvers. They have a vision for how something should work and are dedicated to making it better, faster, or more efficient.

•     Engineers help shape the future. They use the latest science, tools, and technology to bring ideas to life.

•     Engineering is essential to our health, happiness, and safety. From the grandest skyscrapers to microscopic medical devices, it is impossible to imagine life without engineering.


NOTE: Adapted from NAE (2008).

specific steps for major players in the engineering community to continue and build on progress to date. Many of the report’s recommendations resulted from discussion at a December 2010 committee workshop that involved several dozen high-level decision makers representing key stakeholder groups in the engineering community.


Since the 2008 release of the CTC report, a number of institutions have either directly used or adapted its messages and related “taglines.” The Society of Women Engineers, for example, reworked all of its print and web-based messaging products to align with the CTC positioning statement and messages. At the University of Colorado– Boulder, the College of Engineering undertook a major rebranding effort that included the redesign of recruiting brochures and posters that now feature CTC messages. Increases in enrollment and retention of minority and women students at the college may in part be

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