FIGURE 4-10 TRICARE patient ratings of aspects of care at the Lovell Federal Health Care Center, 2003–2011 (100-point scale).
SOURCE: (accessed September 13, 2102).

Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA survey results show that veteran satisfaction with outpatient and inpatient care at the Lovell FHCC was higher in 2011, the first year of full integration, than in 2010. Satisfaction with outpatient care at Lovell was higher than average veteran satisfaction with VA outpatient care nationally, but the opposite was true for inpatient care (Figures 4-11 and 4-12).

Lovell Federal Health Care Center

The FHCC tracks and reports patient satisfaction by normalizing the DoD and the VA scores around the overall average score for BUMED and VISN 12, respectively, and using a 5-point scale. For example, if the DoD survey result for the FHCC deviates 16 percent or more below the overall result for BUMED as a whole, it gets 1 point. If it is between 15 and 11 percent below, it gets 2 points. If it is between 10 and 6 percent below, it gets 3 points. If it is between 5 percent above and 5 percent below the BUMED average, it gets 4 points, which is considered to be “very good.” If

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