TABLE 10-1 National Health Objectives That Address Specific U.S. Health Disadvantages

Disadvantages Relative to Other
High-Income Countries
Examples of Relevant Healthy People 2020 Objectives

Chapters 1-2:
Shorter Lives, Poorer Health

Higher prevalence and death rates from cardiovascular disease HDS-2: Reduce coronary heart disease deaths.
HDS-16: Increase the proportion of adults age 20 and older who are aware of, and respond to, early warning symptoms and signs of a heart attack.
Higher prevalence and death rates from diabetes D-1: Reduce the annual number of new cases of diagnosed diabetes in the population. D-3: Reduce the diabetes death rate.
Higher prevalence and death rates from chronic lung diseases RD-10: Reduce deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) among adults.
Higher homicide rates IVP-29: Reduce homicides.
Higher transportation injury fatality rates SA-17: Decrease the rate of alcohol-impaired driving (.08 + blood alcohol content [BAC]) fatalities.
Higher transportation and non-transportation injury fatality rates IVP-1: Reduce fatal and nonfatal injuries.
Higher rate of drug-related deaths SA-12: Reduce drug-induced deaths.
Higher death rates from communicable diseases
Higher death rates from AIDS HIV-3: Reduce the rate of HIV transmission among adolescents and adults.
HIV-4: Reduce the number of new AIDS cases among adolescents and adults.
HIV-12: Reduce deaths from HIV infection.
Higher prevalence of obesity NWS-9: Reduce the proportion of adults who are obese.
NWS-10: Reduce the proportion of children and adolescents who are considered obese.
Higher prevalence of hypertension HDS-5: Reduce the proportion of persons in the population with hypertension.
Higher prevalence of asthma RD-1: Reduce asthma deaths.
RD-2: Reduce hospitalizations for asthma.
Higher infant mortality rate MICH-1: Reduce the rate of fetal and infant deaths.
Higher prevalence of low birth weight and prematurity MICH-8: Reduce low birth weight (LBW) and very low birth weight (VLBW).
MICH-9: Reduce preterm births.
Higher maternal mortality ratio MICH-5: Reduce the rate of maternal mortality.

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