Recommendation        Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions

•   HP: Increase the percentage of new single family homes (SFHs) constructed with radon-reducing features, especially in high-radon-potential areas.

•   HP: Reduce the number of U.S. homes that are found to have lead-based paint or related hazards.

•   HP: Reduce the proportion of occupied housing units that have moderate or severe physical problems.

Strengthen state, tribal, local, and territorial public health departments to provide essential services.

•   HP: Increase the proportion of tribal and state public health agencies that provide or assure comprehensive laboratory services to support essential public health services.

•   HP: Increase the proportion of tribal, state, and local public health agencies that provide or assure comprehensive epidemiology services to support essential public health services.

•   IOM: The committee finds that the core functions of public health agencies at all levels of government are assessment, policy development, and assurance.

Integrate health criteria into decision making, where appropriate, across multiple sectors.

•   HP: Reduce the number of new schools sited within 500 feet of an interstate or federal or state highway.

Enhance cross-sector collaboration in community planning and design to promote health and safety.

•   IOM: Private and public purchasers, health care organizations, clinicians, and patients should work together to redesign health care.

Expand and increase access to information technology and integrated data systems to promote cross-sector information exchange.

•   HP: Increase the number of states that record vital events using the latest U.S. standard certificates and report.

•   HP: Increase the proportion of quality, health-related websites.

•   HP: Increase the proportion of online health information -seekers who report easily accessing health information.

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