Recommendation        Supporting Evidence-Based Interventions

•   HP: Increase the proportion of medical practices that use -electronic health records.

Identify and implement strategies that are proven to work and conduct research where evidence is lacking.

•   IOM: Making evidence the foundation of decision making and the measure of success.

Maintain a skilled, cross-trained, and diverse prevention workforce.

•   IOM: Greater emphasis in public health curricula should be placed on managerial and leadership skills, such as the ability to communicate important agency values to employees and enlist their commitment; to sense and deal with important changes in the environment; to plan, mobilize, and use resources effectively; and to relate the operation of the agency to its larger community role.

•   IOM: Schools of public health should strengthen their response to the needs for qualified personnel for important, but often neglected aspects of public health such as the health of minority groups and international health.

•   IOM: Schools of public health should encourage and assist other institutions to prepare appropriate, qualified public health personnel for positions in the field. When educational institutions other than schools of public health undertake to train personnel for work in the field, careful attention to the scope and capacity of the educational program is essential.

Support the National Quality Strategy’s focus on improving cardiovascular health.

•   CG: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Provider Reminders When Used Alone.

•   CG: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Provider Reminders with Provider Education.

•   CG: Increasing Tobacco Use Cessation: Reducing Client Out-of-Pocket Costs for Cessation Therapies.

•   USPSTF: Recommends that clinicians ask all adults about -tobacco use and provide tobacco cessation interventions for those who use tobacco products.

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