TABLE 2. Metaframework Linking Major Areas of Inquiry with Theoretical Frameworks

Identify Challenges Human Ecology:
  • Attributional (encompasses Claude Steele’s work)
  • Margaret Beale-Spencer’s PVEST Theory (1997)
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Theory (1972)
  • Kurt Lewin (social psychology)
Characterize Manifestations in Target Population
  • Identify Theories
  • - Race-based Identity Development theories including social construction of masculinity
  • - Gender-based theories
  • - Identity Development (Wortham)
  • ■ Adolescent Identity Development Theories
  • ■ Respectability
  • Agency/Self-Efficacy/Self-Concept
  • - Bandura, Mendosa, and Steele/Aaronson
Underlying Mechanisms (Models of Intervention)
  • Discipline-based Intervention
  • - Subject Matter Learning
  • Organizational Theory
  • - Organizational Psychology/Organizational Behavior
  • Distributed intelligence with polled knowledge
  • Social supportive models
Successful Examples
  • Macro Examples:
  • - The Algebra Project (Bob Moses)
  • ■ Organizational Psychology/Behavior Theories
  • - The Meyerhoff Program (Hrabowski)
  • ■ Social Supportive Theories
  • - DNIMAS (Norfolk State)
  • - McNair Scholars / Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)
  • - Others (e.g., program models for women in S&E)
  • Micro (considered as concepts):
  • - Models of Effort (Lauren Resnick)
  • - Models of Aspiration

SOURCE: Participants in Breakout Group 2B.

Breakout Group 2C

Members of this group developed the graphic shown in Figure 5, which, unlike the others, is not tied to the four major research areas. Rather, it considers the individual in various contexts and interactions. The framework places particular emphasis on context as created by interactions among various metatheoretical frameworks related to an individual’s social and cultural competency (e.g., one’s identity, race and ethnicity, and social status).

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