Row order randomized

Provider Overall Quality
Very poor Poor Fair Good Excellent I don’t know
Your employer            
Community college            
Professional society            

A4. How much of a role should each of the following play towards developing a national framework and policies for lifelong learning?

Row order randomized

Group No role at all A small role A moderate role An important role The leading role
Federal government          
Professional societies          

B. Lifelong Learning Models and Program Structure

In some fields, a single organization coordinates the development and evaluation of lifelong learning programs. For example, the American Academy of Family Physicians coordinates all continuing medical education for family physicians in the United States.

In other fields, such as engineering, lifelong learning programs are developed and evaluated by a variety of corporate and professional organizations without a centralized coordinating body.

B1. Which of the following models would work better in your own field?

Choices 1 & 2 are presented in random order.

1.   A single organization should coordinate lifelong learning programs.

2.   Multiple organizations should develop their own lifelong learning programs independently.

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