Option 4: Increase Revenues from Corps Project Beneficiaries

Opportunities exist for expansion of revenue capture from water resources infrastructure, especially for inland navigation and hydropower projects. However, legal and other barriers will necessitate congressional action to expand such revenue streams.

Option 5: Expand Partnerships

Although some components of the Corps water infrastructure entail shared responsibilities and activities with private entities, public-private partnerships are utilized only in a limited manner to support operations for much of Corps water resources infrastructure. Greater private- sector participation in Corps water infrastructure OMR will not be merited or desirable in all circumstances. Nevertheless, public-private partnerships offer a range of possibilities for bringing new resources and potentially more efficient methods to OMR of Corps water resources infrastructure. Given the many complexities and uncertainties surrounding partnership prospects, with private sector entities as well as state and local governments, a credible evaluation of promising opportunities would be useful for identifying the most immediate, promising prospects.

This evaluation ideally would be conducted by an independent and credible organization with good knowledge of Corps of Engineers functions, policies, and activities.

The U.S. Congress and/or the administration should commission an investigation of opportunities for additional and different kinds of partnerships for operation and maintenance of Corps water resources infrastructure. Partnerships investigated should include both those with private entities, and partnerships with state and local governments. The investigation should be conducted by an entity independent of the Corps of Engineers.

Option 6: Some Combination of Options 2-5

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